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Total HealthTM produces complete, high-quality health formulas, multi-vitamins, weight-loss supplements, an all-natural sweetener and instant lattes that are truly Better by NatureTM!

Total Health was founded by Kevin Laughlin. Almost 30 years ago, inspiration came to him. While browsing through a bookstore, he picked up a copy of "the Save Your Life Diet" which discussed the new (circa 1978) connection between fiber and cancer. This life-changing experience sparked an interest in healthier living and started a lifelong passion. As a scientist, Kevin has researched and sold natural books, foods and supplements for over two decades.

Total Health knows what it takes to formulate truly complete, healthy products at reasonable prices. These revolutionary products include multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplements (K-trimTM, Take4TM, Take4 plusTM), health formulas (supporting the Brain, Blood Sugar, the Heart, Sleep and Stress Relief), an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener (Sweet HarmonyTM), and Java JiveTM, a line of speciality latte drink mixes.

From health formulas and multi-vitamins to weight-loss supplements, an all-natural sweeetener and beverages, Total Health has something for everyone!

See why our products are Better by NatureTM and made for your Total Health!

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